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Coconut Oil

₹389 | 1 LTR 

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Groundnut Oil

₹229| 500ml 


Even when the air we breath is kind of polluted, a little organic and authentic food items might increase our life span". 99auth has been a wonderland for me due to its intense authenticity with regard to food items which elsewhere would be for sure filled with adulteration.

Mohammed Syed

After using a lot of brands and dairy etc , this is the best ghee i have tasted so far.
A closest blend to pure desi ghee.
Fantastic ghee, the best available online. Go for it without any doubt. 
Texture is good, taste is natural and smells very rustic.

Food Adulteration videos shared by them disturbed me very much that’s how I shifted to Organic. Ghee & Groundnut oil is too good.

They don’t have a return policy but the way they handled the entire product damage situation is truly commendable. Their Product & service is worth trying.

99Auth Ecom Pvt Ltd

Babusapalya, Kalyan Nagar

Bangalore - 560043 

Karnataka - India

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