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  • WHY? & WHAT are the benefits of Organic Food?
    99Auth brings striking Varieties of organic Products with a rich Flavor and taste that give the food items an irresistible zest. 99% pure organic Products are perfect for Indian Cuisine, We have varieties of product which can be - easy to use - and can also be directly added to Indian dishes! Adds a RICH TASTE to all your preparations 99Auth Products is free of synthetic pesticides and GMO technology. So, you know that the flavor and medicinal value that you are getting from Our Products are absolutely authentic. 99Auth believes in living an organic life and also in helping the "FARMERS" get what they "DESERVE"!. 99Auth is one of the best brands in Organic Products. There is no doubt that eating organic food cuts the chemical and toxic load that you take into your body, as it comes to you without chemicals, growth hormones, additives, colourings and preservatives. Organic food is also usually fresher because, being Chemical-free and preservative-free, it is processed in smaller lots and has to be sent to the shops faster than conventional non-organic food. Scientists now know what we eaters have known all along: organic food often tastes better. It makes sense that strawberries, Watermelon taste yummier when raised in harmony with nature, but researchers at Washington State University just proved this as fact in lab taste trials where the organic berries were consistently judged as sweeter. Plus, new research verifies that some organic produce is often lower in nitrates and higher in antioxidants than conventional food.
  • Shopping with, is it safe?"
    Shopping at is absolutely safe. All Credit, Debit card and Net banking payments are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways managed by leading Indian banks. does not store/save any of your information. We use the latest 256-bit encryption technology to protect your card information while securely transmitting it to the Banks for processing the payment. Furthermore, the Banks ask you to enter an online password (also known as the 3D secure password) which acts as an additional layer of security for your card transaction. This 3D Secure password is not printed anywhere on the card and is known only to you, giving you the added assurance that only you can use your card to make purchases on
  • How do you ensure your products live your values?
    We source all our Products in partnership with people who are aligned & committed to the cruelty-free, eco-friendly living. We have reviewed every brand and product and ensured that it has no trace of anything wrong. All of our products are from brands/companies that are Govt Approved. This helps us establish credibility. We also keep doing periodic checks.
  • Why does Organic Food cost more?
    Certified organic products are generally more expensive than their conventional counterparts (for which prices have been declining) for a number of reasons: Organic food supply is limited as compared to demand; Production costs for organic foods are typically higher because of greater labour inputs per unit of output and because greater diversity of enterprises means economies of scale cannot be achieved; Post-harvest handling of relatively small quantities of organic foods results in higher costs because of the mandatory segregation of organic and conventional produce, especially for processing and transportation; Marketing and the distribution chain for organic products is relatively inefficient and costs are higher because of relatively small volumes. As demand for organic food and products is increasing, technological innovations and economies of scale should reduce costs of production, processing, distribution and marketing for organic produce. Prices of organic foods include not only the cost of the food production itself, but also a range of other factors that are not captured in the price of conventional food, such as: Environmental enhancement and protection (and avoidance of future expenses to mitigate pollution). For example, higher prices of organic cash crops compensate for low financial returns of rotational periods which are necessary to build soil fertility; Higher standards for animal welfare; Avoidance of health risks to farmers due to inappropriate handling of pesticides (and avoidance of future medical expenses); Rural development by generating additional farm employment and assuring a fair and sufficient income to producers.
  • What are the various "PAYMENT OPTIONS"?"
    Payment made towards 99Auth Ecom Private Limited are safe and sure. You will receive an acknowledgement from us after we have received the payment. 1. Visa or Master Card, Debit or Credit Card 2.Net Banking: Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Ltd Account Holder Name: 99Auth Ecom Private Limited Account No: 4012847127 IFSC: KKBK0008054 3. Customers can also click on the below link and make the Payment. 4. Cash on delivery.
  • All product can be purchased through Cash on Delivery?
    Yes, all products can be purchased through COD however if the Order value is more than Rs 2,000/- then minimum 5% of the total value should be paid via Credit/Debit card or Net Banking. However if the order value is more than 4,000/- Rs then Minimum 10% should be paid for order fulfilment.
  • What is the Order Fulfilment Process?
    Once the order has been placed, either prepaid or Post-paid, Customer will receive an email with product purchased price, Gst and Total price of the order. Customer will also receive a phone call from 99Auth to confirm the order, only after Order Confirmation, will we start the order packaging process.
  • What are the Return or Refund & Cancellation option?
    Return: Due to the perishable nature of our product, we do not accept returns. In the event you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you must contact us on receiving the order. We reserve the right to limit replacements, and we can only offer one replacement per consumer. REFUND: Your refund will be processed, and will take 7 business days.› CANCELLATION POLICY OR CHANGE OF ORDER: Any change in order including cancellations must be communicated to us before 1pm ET the same business day. If outside of this timeline, we cannot guarantee the change or cancellation.


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