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Everything about Coconut Oil

Welcome to the world of Coconut Oil and beyond

So what can a coconut do to you? It can do wonders and Marvels and Change the way you live and think.

Coconut, if you really knew it is such an amazing gift of nature.

Uncontested and unrivalled.

Did you know?

1) Coconut is one of the few natural fruits which cannot be and is not sprayed with pesticides (First of all you have to reach it, right?)

But actually it is because it has not been scientifically modified genetically. Mostly this could be the case because it is protected

in a pretty much divisive way, so to speak.

2) A coconut tree itself stands out in its structure and pride because it was ordained like that and it adorns quite famously most islands and countries.

3) In India the coconut tree is a lifesaver. Why you may ask, but don't you see starting from the roots, to the trunk, to the leaves, to the coconut, its shell, flesh, water

nothing is wasted. Well certainly we would want more of that.

You see there is something so beautiful and pristine that this beautiful fruit gives or can be made to give, which is the undeniable and the most deluctible, Coconut oil.

Coming to the topic at hand, what is actually this so called mystical world, of COCONUT OIL?

its too much and so much more than just a cooking Oil, why?

The myriad ways of which it can make your life healthier, fuller and long-lasting,

Let's take a walk through this, Shall we?

1) Firstly, strike off from your mind the myth of coconut oil being a cause of bad cholesterol level. Actually it inhibits bad cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol.

2) Secondly, every oil has to be consumed in its pure form, free of adulterants and contaminants.

3) Coconut oil is excellent as a cooking oil.

4) raw oil, if consumed daily can help in digestion and also in weight loss and its good for the wellness of the skin.

5) Raw coconut oil is so good for nourishing hair and luscious hair growth. It also is a neutral but healthy moisturising cream.

but the gyst of the matter is that coconut oil pure, raw with itself is obtained by grinding ONLy Dry Kopra without mixing any other ingredients or irritants or catalysts.

That is where the authenticity of the COCONUT OIL comes into Question,

Because mixing something so natural and pure could be as good as consuming slow poison,

Meaning Inviting you're as well as the death of your loved ones

Let's make life simple

Let's choose wisely

Let's live long

Eat Healthy. Live Healthy

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