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The presence of iron and calcium in Barnyard millet helps in strengthening immunity. This millet is known for its umpteen health benefits. Packed with the goodness of iron,protein, fibre, and minerals such as calcium and magnesium; the daily consumption or inclusion of Barnyard millet can work wonders.


Free from chemicals and pesticides, it is gluten-free, it is packed with rich dietary fibre, hence numerous health benefits.


High in fibre. Good source of zinc and manganese helps to maintain body temperature. Good for diabetic patients. Helps accelerate weight loss.


Lowest carbohydrate amongst all millets. Aids in digestion and prevents cardiovascular diseases. 


It is used in making kichdi, dosa and porridge.


Store in an airtight glass or stainless steel container in a cool and dry place





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Barnyard Millet (oodalu/kuthiraivali/ Sanwa)

₹299.00 Regular Price
₹239.20Sale Price
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