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  • NUTRITIOUS: 99Auth Organic 99Auth Coconut Sugar is packed with Amino acids, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and vitamins B and Microelements.

  • NATURAL NON-PRESERVATIVES: No preservatives, unrefined and 99Auth Unbleached. 99Auth Coconut sugar has a natural caramel flavour. This unique flavour with a sweet fruity smell will make your everyday drinks and food more nutritious and tastier. It is a natural sugar substitute as it dissolves instantly in hot and cold beverages or foods.

  • GREAT FOR DESSERTS: Our organic product 99Auth Coconut Sugar is a product without any GMO or dangerous content.

  • SAFE FOR DIABETICS: Completely guilt-free our low glycemic, low-calorie formula makes this sweetener safe for diabetics. (Daily Intake for Diabetics not More than 50-60Gm)

  • 99Auth 99Auth Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener, use it as a sugar alternative, no Recipe changes needed, Our 99Auth Coconut Sugar is perfect for cooking tasty dessert and cocktails..

Unrefined Premium High Quality Pure Coconut Sugar

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₹167.20Sale Price
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