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Our Story

Since a couple of years, we have heard about plastic Rice, Egg made out of plastic. There are numerous videos on youtube showing how synthetic milk is prepared, just a few drops of chemical and 20 liters of water is converted into milk. Wax is used as a shiny coat on apples to make it look fresh. Chemical are sprayed on vegetables to give fresh and bright colour.  Surely, you are aware, the white sugar that we consume on a daily basis is made from chemicals, do you know the source of white sugar? Sugarcane is the wrong answer. We certainly know for a fact that most of the soft drinks are extremely harmful for our body but yet we consume. We are also aware that high doses of hormones injections are given to chicken which we eat on a regular basis. Click here for Proof.

Refined cooking oil adds no value to your health instead is a cause of disease, numerous studies are there to back this claims, in rural areas cooking oils is extracted from animal dead bones and animal waste and circulated as cheap cooking oil all over the place and the list of adulteration goes on.



A medicine which we take to recover from disease actually causes disease why because the medicine itself is made out of cotton, don’t believe, please validate in youtube.


99.9996% Authentic Company was born with the Objective of helping those people who are genuinely looking for Natural and Healthy products. Products with no chemical, absolutely no pesticides, products free of animal waste.  Bringing these adulteration free products to your doorstep is the objective of 99 Auth Ecom Pvt Ltd.

We operate with 2 basic fundamental principles, at no point, we will ever compromise on these principles and they are “HT” Honestly and Trust as Sandeep Maheshwari, the motivational speaker says, whatever it is “Just Tell The Truth” and be “Honest” in whatever you do. will never sell adulterated products and we will never compromise on Quality of our products. We will remain “Always Genuine”.


Note About: Founder and CEO

Yohan Louis is the Director of 99Auth Ecom Pvt Ltd. He has more than 18 Years of working experience in multiple domains. He has worked with both International and domestic companies in BPO’s and Call Centres, he also has rich experience in hardcore Sales and Marketing. Louis has strong Interpersonal Skills, People Managing expertise, Logistics and Inventory management, vendor and client handling skills. Our Founder wants to educate and help customers not to inject “POISON” in our body. We are taking poison with and without our knowledge.

99Auth We care for your health. Organic Natural Pure Organic Authentic Best Edible Products are available for sale.
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