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Organic Pure Natural, Chemical Free Ghee with Zero Perspectives & Adulteration. Healthy and Super Food Packed with Nutrition and Minerals.


  • Superfood packed with MCT's, Vitamins A D E & K, Omega 3 and 9. Ghee is greatly revered in Indian Culture and has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years.
  • Organic Pure Natural Ghee is made by the traditional method of Milk to Curd to Butter and then to Ghee.
  • Organic Natural Pure ghee contains fat-soluble nutrients & vitamins that help our bodies maintain good health. Pure ghee helps in better Brain functioning and Memory improvement, in Heart strengthening, in Digestion, in increasing Bone density and strength, in managing Dark Circles, in Hair strengthening, in Improving Vision, in improving Skin Glow, in slowing down the Ageing process and Weight management.
  • Organic Natural Pure ghee is excellent for growing kids, Powerhouse of Vitamins and Acids that promotes in lubricating Joints, and is super rich in anti-oxidants to improve body immunity.






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Desi Cow Pure Ghee

₹739.00 Regular Price
₹591.20Sale Price
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