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Handpicked millets where they are best grown from. Consistency in taste, aroma and quality across the year.


  • Highest Fiber content among all millet. Controls Blood Sugar level
  • Good source of B-complex vitamins. Rich Anti - Oxidant
  • Hygienic packing and best quality control process.
  • Gluten Free Food. No cholesterol, additives or artificial flavours.


Health Benefits of Millets As per IIMR (Indian Institute of Millets Research)

Helps To Optimize Kidney, Liver And Immune System Health. Eliminates Problems Like Constipation, Excess Gas, Bloating & Cramping. Helps To Prevent Type 2 Diabetes. Niacin (Vitamin B3) In Millet Can Help Lower Cholesterol. Millet Acts As A Prebiotic Feeding Microflora In Your Inner Ecosystem


Helps To Protect Against Heart Diseases. Millets Are Anti Acidic. Millets Are Gluten Free.Millets Detoxify Body. Effective In Reducing Blood Pressure. Prevents Breast Cancer. Aids In Treating Respiratory Conditions Such As Asthma. Reduces Risk Of Gastrointestinal Conditions Like Gastric Ulcers Or Colon Cancer

BrownTop Millet

₹245.00 Regular Price
₹196.00Sale Price
  • The details of the products (for instance Container, Label colour, Product packing, etc.) quoted with the product displays are only for Illustration/ Display purpose. Also, there may be slight differences in the design and pattern as compared to the picture shown on the website. This may be due to the shortage or unavailability of Packing material. BUT BE REST ASSURED WE WILL NEVER EVERY COMPROMISE IN THE QUALITY OR QUANTITY OF THE PRODUCT.
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